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Lunes, Oktubre 21, 2013

Two years agone, at a consumer electronics show in Berlin, Samsung on the stage and unveiled the introduction to what’s currently a booming Smartphone genre. The 5.3-inch monstrosity, referred to as the Galaxy Note, has blossomed into one in every of the Korean manufacturer’s biggest brands. These days a similar company is unveiling the Galaxy Note three, the second sequel during a series of supersized stylus-smitten Smartphones, that is even taller, narrower and diluent than the primary 2 of its kind. Obviously, the new 5.7-inch Note doesn’t solely utilize an S-Pen however enhances its practicality and adds higher hardware and elements to make sure it’s able to handle something you’ll throw at it.

We had a chance to play with the black and white versions of the Note three here at IFA 2013 and whereas it had been for the most part a similar user expertise we’ve adult aware of with previous Notes, Samsung still found a number of clever ways in which to tweak each hardware and computer code to create it a lot of appealing to customers. Let’s take away nearer to examine the full package when the break, however initial get pleasure from a full gallery of pictures and a prolonged preview video that shows off several of the device’s new offerings.


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